With the women loosing the 22 year old Ashley Rodriquez and the 24 year old Janell Wheeler and men loosing the 20 year olds Joe Muñoz and Tyler Grady we’re now down to 20 contestants. Personally I really liked Ashley and certainly didn’t think she was going to be going home the first night. Same goes for Tyler…although not the best singer (obviously) but I really liked his personality. What’s up with Tim Urban not getting booted?

The other two were completely forgettable in my opinion and if not this week would have been sure bets to go next week. Do you have any favorites? Who do you think will we be a sure bet to go next week? On a side note…it seems to me that Simon is just not having fun at all. I know this is his last season, and I hear word he doesn’t care for Ellen much…but it looks like he’d having more fun at a Justin Bieber concert while getting a root canal.


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