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Today YouTube has finally taken down the original Rickroll video. This is a sad sad time and it calls for at least a moment of silence. It looks like maybe we will have to “give you up” after all Mr. Astley. It was yanked due to terms-of-use violation but the odd thing is how long it was allowed to remain. I mean, it got more than 30 million views (nearly double the album sales with the song). I wonder who finally said, “okay, I’ve had enough of this.”

Honestly I don’t know if this is more of a shock or the fact that they took down the “Charlie Bit Me” video too! Here is one of the funniest Rickrolls in my opinion, the classic CNN live call:


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  • Brian says:

    Nice try, but it's because of the rickroll that I check my links before I click them. :P Might want to obscure that a bit better next time you try to pull wool over these eyes. :P

    It's funny now that I think about it that it was the RICK ROLL, not spam that made me cautious about clicking links lmao. I guess that was what made it great.

    • Sam Wow says:

      :) That is funny. I know…I thought about obscuring the links but I figured if anyone were wise enough to look then they deserve not to be 'Rolled. Good on ya mate.