I enjoy searching Twitter with weird strings and seeing what comes up. Here are a few good ones using “I probably shouldn’t”

MVANARS1 Had a parent/teacher conf 2day for 10. I didnt realize she had such a striking teacher. I probably shouldn’t have called her sugarbritches.

Twitterprofilephoto_normal umbrellaboy Tweet #900: I have acne on my cheek, it is fun to play. But I probably shouldn’t.

Twitter_bearded_empire_normalhokeblurbs I probably shouldn’t be having this second gargantuan Iron Man Slurpee cup full of coffee, but I’m going to anyway.

Watchmen_movie_image_smiley_face_normal iGo2Far I probably shouldn’t eat this after having just finished off a cream cheese danish…but I’ll just deal w/ the aftermath later.

Img00518_normalChefCreezle I probably shouldn’t have called that cop a fag

Dsc_0211_normal Danielikous I probably shouldn’t reach out to people anymore. Nobody gives a shit that i go out of my way to care anyways.

Nickzombie_normal nickmcgee1 Pain in my gut for the past day. What the heck is going on down there? I probably shouldn’t have eaten that 5 LB Gummy Bear…

Dscn1271_normalAscentofaKing I probably shouldn’t have bought that shirt…but once it arrives Ima be glad I did…

    Xmas_bling_normal copperlegend RIP pyrex mixing bowl. You served me well, and I probably shouldn’t have perched you so precariously on top of the fridge.

    0920091518a_normal arisoncain I probably shouldn’t have just thought “i hope no one tries to change it from vh1′s top 100 rap songs to the state of the union address”

    Images_normal MacGourley better than me temporarily ignoring the recession to masturbate to the Legends Class Devastator that I probably shouldn’t buy.

    Nob_normal jondotdavidson I wouldn’t mind having a robot around the house! But I probably shouldn’t tell Will Smith, he’d be so angry and disappointed with me…

    Twitterprofilephoto_normal ShiversTheNinja I think I probably shouldn’t be cursing in frustration when playing Neopets games. “FUCK!” doesn’t seem appropriate for a kids’ website.

    952-gargoyle-egg-large_normal deadcherries halfway to work I decided I probably shouldn’t be driving. This message brought to you by Sudafed, Benadryl, Ativan, Trileptal and Zyrtec.


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