In an amazing feat this 3-year-old Indianapolis Colts fan rattles almost the entire roster practically flawlessly, given just the jersey number, 58 names in a row. L.J. not only lists the starting players but also all players on the injured reserve and even 4th string QB Drew Willy.

Wearing a #44 Dallas Clark jersey, the thing that really gets me is that he obviously has his favorites as he states them a little more familiarly, “Addai!!!” “Freeney” and he’s on a first name basis with “Peyton!” and “Reggie.” This kid must be one of the most hardcore fans I’ve ever seen. Obviously his parents put a lot of emphasis on what’s important in life. Makes me wonder if this is the Indianapolis Colts or the Cults.

And I couldn’t understand what he said at the end but a commenter mentioned that it might be “Can I have some M&Ms?” That sounds about right to me…now we know the motivation. It does look like he’s about to grab something on the floor…sweet candy. Scroll past the video for a transcript.

“LJ learned the entire Colts roster at the age of 3. He loves the Colts! He eats, sleeps, and breathes Colts football. If we are not watching them on tv we are playing catch while he reenacts plays from the last game.”

Mom – “What’s you name?”
A.J. – “A.J.”
Mom – “How old are you?
A.J. – “3″
Mom – “How old?”
A.J. – “3″
Mom – “K, who’s your favorite team?”
A.J. – “Colts”
Mom – “K, you ready to do our Colts numbers?”
A.J. – “Yeah”
Mom – “K”
A.J. – “(94) Ervin Baldwin, (67) Tony Ugoh, (7) Curtis Painter, (23) Tim Jennings, (40) Jamie Silva..Ahhh (48) Justin Snow, (68), Eric Foster, (3) Matt Stover, (45) De’von Hall, (50) Philip Wheeler, (16) Drew Willy, (63) Jeff Saturday, (1) Pat McAfee, (74) Charlie Johnson, (61) Jamey Richard, (27) Jacob Lacey, (93) Freeney, (32) Mike Hart, (65) Ryan Lilja, (29) Addai!!!, (90) Daniel Muir, (71) Ryan Diem, (85) Pierre Garcon, (81) Hank Baskett, (98) Robert Mathis, (25) Jerraud Powers, (86) Tom Santi, (78) Mike Pollak, (87) Reggie, (17) Collie, (11) Gonzalez, (58) Gary Brackett, (99) Antonio Johnson, (18) Peyton, (44) Dallas Clark, (33) Melvin Bullitt, (20) T.J. Rushing, (55) Clint Session, (52) Cody Glenn, (96) Keyunta Dawson, (4) Matt S….mmm…Adam Vinatieri, (95) Fili Moala, (69) John Gill, (35) Chad Simpson, (79) Raheem Brock, (54) Freddy Keiaho, (12) Tim Sorji, (31) Donald Brown, (28) Marlin Jackson, (43) Aaron Francisco, (21) Bob Sanders, (66) Kyle DeVan, (47) Gijon Robinson, (41) Antoine Bethea, (84) Jacob Tamme, (59) Ramon Humber, (26) Kelvin Hayden”

Mom – “Nice job!”

A.J. – “Can I have some M&Ms?”


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