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If you watch any amount of TV, especially any sports, I’m sure you’ve seen the Taco Bell commercial for the $.89 Beefy 5-Layer Burrito where a Jon Gruden looking patron asks to order from Denise. I personally have never seen a more stunning Taco Bell employee than Denise and frankly if my local TB did have someone working there that looked like her I would look like this.

I keep seeing this commercial and thinking how gorgeous she is. Anyways, it got me wondering who this Denise chick was, turns out she’s been on TV a little in 8 Simple Rules, Even Stevens and a few others. There is a good interview with her at Thunder Treats and you can see her IMDB here.

Nicole Hayden a.k.a. (Nikki Danielle Moore)

Height: 5’6″
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Education: B.A. in Theater and Music from James Madison University

Interests: Aerobics, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Soccer, Softball, Dance (Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz & Tap), Sports

TV: Sons & Daughters, 8 Simple Rules, CSI, Even Steven, HBO Sketch Comedy

Film: Horror High, Jeckyll, Young Again, Reality Bites, Sera Smiles, You Don’t know Dick, The Real Thing


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