Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 have reached new heights in video gaming. With games like Madden NFL, Halo, and Super Mario Galaxy, the days of Pac-Man, Galaga, and even the first Super Mario Brothers are far behind us. Now, video game companies have introduced us to characters we can dance with, speak to, and manipulate at our will. Video game scenes are two and three-dimensional. The colors are deep; the graphics are phenomenal. The ability to interact with the video game environment was unimaginable just five years ago.

With the introduction of these superior gaming systems comes the desire to see the product on a screen that matches the system. An older television will not do Madden NFL justice. What can the video gamer do?
For many years, home theater gaming systems have been used to show movies in the privacy of home without sacrificing movie theater picture quality and sound. Home theaters have increased in popularity, and, now, are beginning to be used to create a home theater gaming system that is far superior to using an ordinary television for video gaming purposes.

A home theater gaming system brings video games such as Halo to life. Step onto the battlefield and hear the gunshots in high quality, clean, loud surround sound; feel the difference with flat screen display, a wider screen, and HD resolution. Use the television to connect online to compete against other gamers. Score a touchdown in Madden NFL and see the field in high definition. The effects are indescribable.

Now that you have decided to step into the future with a home theater gaming system, what should you do next? First, research home theater gaming systems; you can do most, if not all, of your research online. Find out which systems have pleased customers and delivered on promises of bringing high-quality graphics and excellent picture quality to your video games. Go to a nearby electronics store and try to find a knowledgeable salesperson who can school you on the top rated theater systems. Finally, select name brands you trust; this can avoid a great deal of heartache in the future when a theater system that you have invested a lot of money into does not work properly. Brands like Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung are widely trusted for electronics.

The components of a home theater gaming system are usually a Blu-Ray disc player, a subwoofer, a remote, speakers and some great gaming theater seats. A subwoofer is a speaker that increases the output of lower ranges of sound, increasing the overall audio quality of the system. Top rated home theater systems include Panasonic, LG, and Samsung systems.

To set up your home theater system, if you are not inclined to install the equipment yourself, ask an employee at the store where you purchased the system whether or not the store provides installation services. Stores like Best Buy often provide at home installation services for a fee. Paying this fee might save you time and trouble and ensure that your system works properly. If you are interested in installing the system yourself, first read the instruction manual and be careful to follow the instructions exactly. Make sure every piece of equipment is turned off, particularly when you are installing wires. Choose your accessories wisely. Open shelving makes installation easier while closed cabinetry can make it harder to install numerous wires to numerous pieces of equipment. Choose quality cables so that they stay in their proper location. If installation appears highly complicated, check the instructions again because installation should be broken down into relatively simple steps. If all else fails, contact the store for assistance.

Once your system is installed, enjoy your new home theater gaming system! Be careful who you tell about your new gaming system; you may never enjoy alone time again!


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