Google’s rules for successful search engine optimization are always changing. As its webmasters work to keep its searchers happy, that often means taking away a few of the freedoms traditionally enjoyed by those seeking to optimize their websites in the form of a penalty.

Oftentimes, companies don’t realize their website has been hit with a penalty until they see a drastic decrease in rankings or sales. That’s why it’s very important to stay up to date with Google’s policies.

In order to make the most out of your optimization strategy, you must be able to first identify any penalty you may have received, and then take the proper steps to overcome the penalty. To begin with, know the difference between a manual penalty and an algorithmic penalty.

Manual Penalty

The definition of this penalty is suggested in it’s name: A human member of Google’s team will manually reach out to your website to let you know you’ve made an infraction in the way you’re optimizing your website. Generally, they’ll send you a notification through your Google Webmasters Tools account. It’s very important to check this account frequently so you lose as little time as possible in fixing the error.

A team member will reach out to your company to inform you of this infraction, which could be a result of several reasons and the intensity of the penalty will depend on how bad the team member deems the offence.

Oftentimes these penalties involve linking scams, such as the paid links scandal headed by J.C. Penney. They found a way to cheat their way to the top of the page through paid links, and only a manual penalty stopped them from taking other websites’ rightfully earned rankings.

In order to overcome this penalty, you must first make the requested changes to your website, and then submit a reconsideration request that may or may not grant you a full recovery.

Algorithm Penalty

Algorithm penalties are a little more difficult to detect because, as the name suggests, they’re determined by an algorithm rather than a human being. Most people fall victim to an algorithm penalty simply because Google updated their algorithm unbeknownst to their strategists; they don’t notice they’re falling victim to a penalty until the drop in rankings hurts their bottom line.

Algorithm penalties generally fall into two categories: Panda (problems with the content on your website) and Penguin (poor use of keywords and linking). Algorithmic penalties will usually be the result of one or more of the following:

  • Thin, low-quality content

  • Duplicated content

  • Poor usability

  • Lack of credentials within content

  • Over optimization on landing pages

  • Keyword stuffing

  • Spun content

  • Cross-domain linking schemes

  • Excessive anchor-text links

In order to identify and assess which penalty or penalties you’re experiencing and how to correct them, you can use tools provided by Google.

Your return to a clean bill of website health is dependent on your fixing these errors and beginning again with a renewed, rule-abiding optimization strategy.


With the hot summer months right around the corner, there are many spring and summer maintenance tasks that need to be accomplished. Some of these tasks are related to ongoing maintenance and repairs, while others are more related to the general upkeep and appearance of the home. Below is an excellent place to begin to get a home ready for the warmer months ahead.

Organize Garage And Closets

Spring is an excellent time to clean out the garage and closets, while also putting away winter clothing and cold weather sports gear. Take this opportunity to remove everything from the closet, downsize, and organize when placing things back into the closet. Do one closet at a time so that the temporary mess is not too overwhelming. Now is also an excellent time to start a garage sale pile for the items which are no longer needed. Real Simple offers some excellent suggestions for reorganizing a cramped closet.

Detail Cleaning

Above and beyond cleaning out and reorganizing the garage and closets, take the time to do some detail cleaning that is most beneficial during the spring and summer. This includes pressure washing the walkways, patios, siding, and deck. Better Homes and Gardens suggests spring and summer as an excellent time to wash all windows—both inside and out. Summer is also the perfect time to deep clean flooring to wash away the winter dirt and grime.

Re-accessorize The Home

Summer provides an excellent opportunity to redecorate or re-accessorize the home. This is not to say that every room needs to have a complete makeover, but consider adding brighter summer colors to the home with new throw pillows, area rugs, vases, or even wall décor. Also consider whether or not wallpaper needs updated or refreshed.

Landscaping And Lawn Care

Now is an excellent time to get the garden, flower bed, and lawn ready for the months ahead. Consider redesigning the landscaping, investing in new foliage, and fertilizing the entire outdoor area. Do not forget to inspect the patios to ensure that they are safe, clean, and ready for increased use during the summer season. Even if these are tasks no one in the home cares to do, now is the time to find a local lawn and landscape professional.

Have The Heat Pump Serviced

Heat pumps are used year-round because they provide both heating and cooling to a home. Even if air-conditioning will not be used frequently during the summer months, now is an excellent time to have a heat pump serviced so that it is ready to go for the upcoming fall and winter. During the service visit, the technician will perform tasks such as a 37 point diagnostic, removing all dust, dirt, and debris, and assessing the overall performance of the heat pump. Washington Energy Services estimates that the energy-efficiency of a heat pump can decrease by at least 5% if not serviced regularly.

These are just a handful of the tasks that can be added to a spring and summer home maintenance checklist. Start with the tasks above, and continue to personalize and add more tasks to the seasonal to-do list so that nothing falls through the cracks. Having a specific list to work off of will save time, money, and protect household investments.

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Corporations across the globe are offering employees more than the standard benefits to attract prospective employees. From on sight child care to acupuncture, businesses are upping the ante. Microsoft competitively offers employees health insurance, 401k retirement plans, and has one of the best benefits plans offered to employees.

Generous Maternity and Paternity Benefits

Microsoft recognizes that welcoming a new life into the world takes a lot out of new parents. Not only do they offer both maternity and paternity leave, it’s paid. According to Business Insider, Microsoft ranks this benefit at 10 out 0f 18 of the Best Perks at Top Employers, but the support Microsoft gives employs in begins with fertility assistance and includes adoption assistance.

Family Friendly Benefits

Microsoft offers some unique benefits that are centered on the preservation of the family. These Family Friendly benefits include: childcare, dependent care, military leave, family medical leave, extended unpaid leave of absence, flexible hours, and work from home. All of the benefits offered to Microsoft employees under their Family and Parenting categories are constructed to help make life a little easier when it comes to raising a family. Microsoft is interested in helping communities and works with employees to find local charities to support.

Tuition Reimbursement and Free Job Training

Microsoft values education and offers both tuition reimbursement and over 2000 internal training programs, some of which are offered online, virtually or in classrooms. Students taking undergraduate or graduate business related coursework qualify for tuition reimbursement. Microsoft supports employees in their endeavors to advance in the company and provides the tools they need to do it. Many companies understand how important continued education is and suggest employees train to gain complete mastery of Microsoft.

Superior Health and Wellness Plan

Not only are Microsoft employees offered fantastic health insurance, they also have a wellness plan. Dental, vision, and mental health are all covered under the plan. In addition, employees have health care on site, a very rare benefit. If the employee is feeling ill, help is in the building. Employees also have access to FSA, or a flexible spending account, and HSA, health savings account. Microsoft is the first corporation to offer a benefit for autism therapy. Additionally, employees are covered by accidental death and dismemberment insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, occupation accident insurance, and life insurance.

Microsoft Pay Rate Ranked 18th by Employees

Ranked 18th by its own employees, Business Insider reports that the average salary for Software Development Engineers is $109,375.00 and $107,364.00 for Program Managers. Not only does Microsoft offer competitive salary compensation, they also offer a financial plan, including a 401k, charitable contributions, stock options, performance bonus, employee stock purchase plan and retirement plan. Microsoft employees are better able to prepare for the financial futures with all the tools Microsoft offers.

With so many outstanding benefits available to their employees, Microsoft has no shortage of applicants. Competition for job placement is fierce and those who do land a career at Microsoft tend to stay as the benefits package offered by Microsoft is one of the best around. Aiming for a career at Microsoft is rewarded by benefits that guarantee the employee will be well taken care of.


Whether moving from a home, dorm, apartment, or office building, many individuals are turning to moving pods instead of more traditional moving vehicles. There are many advantages to moving in pods, three of which are detailed below.

Pods Allow More Time For Moving

One of the factors that makes moving so stressful is that loading and unloading the moving vehicle is often done on the same day. Even when hiring movers, this makes it very challenging to transition from one residence or place of business to the next. However, pods allow more time for moving, because they can be dropped off a day or two before the move to be loaded when it is most convenient. Once delivered to the new residence or place of business, unloading can also be accomplished over several days. Simply move boxes and furniture into the moving pod and organized them in a strategic manner so that the most important rooms can be unloaded and unpacked first.

Pods Eliminate The Need To Rent A Moving Vehicle

Pods also eliminate the need to rent a moving vehicle. No more driving a large moving truck around the city, and no looking for a place large enough to park. In addition, pods are placed directly on the ground, meaning that it is drastically easier to load boxes, furniture, and office equipment. Pods are also far less expensive than hiring movers, meaning that it is easier to stay within budget. Pods can even be used when moving out of state, so that it is possible to drive an everyday vehicle to the new location, or even to fly to the new residence.

Pods Allow More Freedom And Flexibility

Another common challenge that comes with moving is that the move-out date does not always coincide with the move-in date. This scenario leaves many people moving and unloading all of their belongings to a storage facility for a short period of time, then loading and moving the items again at a later time. This ends up feeling like twice the work—which often creates additional stress.

However, pods allow for more freedom and flexibility. If the move-in and move-out date do not coincide, the pod can simply be stored and moved to the new location when required. For example, a college student could have their dorm room stored in a pod during the summer months while they travel or go home, and have it moved back to the dorm once the school year starts again. Pods also allow the ability to move in phases, so that day-to-day life or day-to-day operations are not interrupted. For example, one pod could be moved to the new location one week, and another pod or two the next week when internet and cable are up and running. Storage pods can usually fit 1 to 1.5 rooms per pod. Even if the moving dates do coincide, some people opt to have the pod stored for a few days so that interior tasks can be accomplished without feeling rushed—such as cleaning, painting, or having new flooring put in.

Pods are an excellent way to move from a home, apartment, place of business, or college dormitory. They offer great freedom and flexibility, and are a cost-effective method of both moving and storage.



There are many different options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. From something as simple as teeth whitening to something as complex as getting a whole new set of veneers, the options are nearly endless, depending on what your dental issues are.

If you have gaps in your teeth, broken or missing teeth, crooked teeth or you suffer from stained teeth, there are things you can do to make your smile one you’re proud to show off again. The health of your teeth isn’t the only thing that is of concerns when it comes to dental issues. Plaque and bacteria in the mouth can cause issues throughout your body. On top of that, when you have something wrong with your teeth it can affect your confidence.

Knowing what’s wrong with your teeth and working towards a better smile can change your life. A lack of confidence over a sour mouth can affect your ability to work, date and more. Instead of keeping your mouth closed, open up about your issues with your dental care provider and find out what cosmetic dentistry practice would work best for your problems.

Whitening Teeth

Your teeth can get stained from many things. Smoking, drinking coffee and soda, and even some medications, can discolor your teeth. You don’t have to live with brown or yellow teeth, and there are far better options that actually work that are better than the store bought options.

Teeth whitening done by a dental professional also ensures that you don’t have any negative reactions, like burning your gums. Teeth whitening isn’t a one time thing though, unless you stop the thing that is discoloring your teeth.

Replacing Teeth

There are many issues with missing teeth. Not only is it unhealthy, but it can also affect more than just your internal health. According to Broadway Dental, a premier dental institute in Australia, missing teeth can give you poor self-confidence in work and personal situations.

Replacing teeth can be done with dental implants, partials or full sets of false teeth and even veneers, which look and perform almost like real teeth. Cost factors into what choices you make with your replacement teeth, as well as the shape of the teeth you still have.

Straightening Teeth

Some people seem to be born with crooked teeth. Maybe you had a traumatic mouth injury in childhood that made a tooth or two grow in wrong. It doesn’t matter how old you are now, there are orthodontic options for everyone.

If you don’t want to look like you’re wearing braces, look into Invisalign. This process of teeth straightening using a clear aligner to straighten your teeth, invisibly. If you don’t care about being a “brace face,” you can go old school too, and maybe save a little money on straighter teeth.

No matter how old you are, or how young, fixing what is wrong with your teeth can change the way you feel and bring a smile back to your face.


affordable spa

There is something very decadent about getting a spa treatment. It is nice to be pampered and your needs completely taken care of. There’s something amazingly rejuvenating about being the focus of the caring. However, you have a budget. We all do, and unless you’re independently wealthy, unlimited spa treatments are probably not on your daily to-do list. Follow the tips below to get the best deals on spa treatments.

Go Off Season

Spas, by themselves, don’t really have a season, so what you need to look for is a spa in an area that is considered off-season. That means, think hot destinations in the summer and cold in the winter. If you are interested in a spa in Mexico, aim to be there in July or August, and you’ll get the best rates. You need to decide if you can tolerate the off-season weather. Most spas do have air conditioning and heating, but make sure you check that before you book.

One little known fact is that there is another segment of time that is called the “shoulder season” by those in the travel industry. This is the time that comes before and after the off-season. These times often offer a reduction in price, but not as great as during the off-season times. But, the weather is less severe, usually, and the difference between the best season to be there and the shoulder season is less, as well.

Stay and Spa, Together

Know of a great spa that is housed in a hotel?  Some hotels with spas offer a great package price to stay at the hotel and receive spa treatments. The best way to make sure you are getting a great rate on the hotel and spa package is to join the mailing list. Add yourself to the email roster and let them tell you when they have a great deal for you.

You can save money, but you also reap the benefits of true relaxation when you stay in the same hotel that the spa is located in. Once your relaxing spa treatments are done, you simply walk or ride the elevator to your room. You don’t have to fight traffic to get home and undo all the relaxation you just paid good money for.

Go Off Peak

Most spas are less busy on certain days of the weeks. Those will most likely be Monday through Thursday. Of course, the weekends are a very busy time, but the rest of the week may offer some great off peak rates for you. You just need to ask the spa if they have any off peak deals and the book your spa treatments accordingly. Also, early mornings are generally considered off-peak, and appointments booked during those times may save you money.


investment ideas

The stock market hasn’t been doing so hot lately, but that’s no reason to run away because there’s still plenty of room for making solid investments this year. There’s a wealth of positive economic developments that offer some interesting investment opportunities. They are a good place for investors to start looking when hoping to position their portfolios in wake of expected volatility, low-interest rates, a strong dollar, and weak energy prices. Here are a few of the best investment ideas for the year , including those identified by Lou Carlozo of U.S. News.

Tech Companies

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that technology is a winner when it comes to investment; the trick, according to Joshua Rodriguez of U.S. News Money, is knowing how to invest in this lucrative sector. Consider investing in technology companies that supply to major companies and, regardless of which smartphone ends up on top, the investor comes out a winner. Experts expect the market to go “nuts” in a manner of speaking and encourage investors to look at stocks like iShares Dow Jones U.S. Technology ETF (IYW), Facebook Inc. (FB), or up-and-coming Zendesk Inc. (ZEN), amongst a number of other opportunities.

India – A Jewel in Emerging Markets

While not all emerging markets are looking very hot, there’s definitely a diamond in the rough to be scooped up when it comes to India. Though the country has struggled in the past with high inflation and political unrest, a new leaf seems to have been turned with inflation dropping down, energy prices sinking, and projected growth rate jumping to 6.4% in 2015, according to an article in the Times of India. Investors can get on the India train first by putting their money down on India-focused funds like WisdomTree India Earnings Fund (EPI) and iShares MSCI India ETF (INDA). India has mostly slipped under the radar and investors should start taking notice before it’s too late.


Investing in silver comes with some intrinsic values, a precious metal valuable for its tangible nature and many uses. One of the ways to hedge against inflation, a result of probable interest rate increases in 2015, is to put a significant percentage of the portfolio into precious metals. Silver is a good bet, currently undervalued relative to gold, and with significant demand against a diminishing supply, thanks to its many uses in tech devices, it makes for a solid investment choice. Precious metal investing has its own intricacies and according to investment magazine Silver Monthly, there are many things to keep in mind when playing this market.


Investors looking for a solid commodity to place a bet on may want to think about wood. There’s little risk in this investment with systematic, long-term price growth currently on the horizon, fueled in major ways by the global demand for green energy.  Both foreign investors and ongoing domestic demand are going to be pushing up prices for timber. One of the catches is that timber usually requires a substantial investment amount, but for those who have the means, money may actually grow on trees.

ETFs and Index Funds

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds are a good way to diversify portfolios. These type of stocks allow people to buy shares that bet on the whole market winning out rather than a single company. They have lower management expense ratios and have historically performed better than actively managed funs.


Monitoring and tracking game populations can be a daunting task, and there are several different reasons for this. Observations are often difficult because of the location of animals, for instance in dense brush, difficult swampland, or rugged, mountainous terrain. Additionally, some animals are highly secretive in nature and their movements are not readily observable. The most elusive animals are nocturnal, which complicates observation by limiting visibility.

Still, monitoring and tracking must be undertaken, because it does provide numerous benefits to conservationists, game management personnel, and hunters in terms of understanding the population of any given species in a specific location. With that in mind, here are some of the most historically reliable and useful methods of tracking game animals.

Direct Observation by Individuals

Quite often the information obtained by outdoorsmen, naturalists, and hunters can be pooled and shared, providing a meaningful accumulation of data from which worthwhile conclusions might be drawn. This can be either during the day or the nighttime, although obviously nighttime observations are more difficult, as stated in a University of Nebraska at Lincoln article. There are of course other drawbacks to the direct observation method, for instance difficulty of terrain, privacy of landowners, and the sheer time and effort involved in acquiring worthwhile data.

Indirect Observation

This method of tracking does not require the physical presence of an observer to do the monitoring, since data is obtained almost exclusively by checking for signs that animals have left behind. According to Survival Basics 101, signs of animal presence can be in the form of tracks visible in soft earth, droppings, buck rubs, browsed vegetation, and sometimes even levels of food removal—in cases where food stations have been supplied during harsh winters. Indirect observation can be an accurate indicator of wildlife presence; often just as accurate as actual observation of the animals in the area, although obviously at some point someone must interpret and analyze those signs.

Tracking Devices

According to Good Game Hunting, this method relies on having the ability to capture and tag animals in a given location, with transmitters that relay data on the animal’s movements back to the tracker. One of the big advantages to this strategy is that the tracker’s presence is not required (at least, after the initial capture), and it doesn’t matter how difficult the terrain is during the animal’s normal movements. Because the animals are fitted with some kind of device transmitting a GPS signal, as noted by Good Nature, they can be tracked by satellite. That information is then downloaded to a tracking center. This method is much easier than either of the two observational techniques, but has the disadvantage of requiring an initial capture, sedation, and release.

Benefits of Monitoring and Tracking

With the information provided by monitoring game populations, much better management of those populations becomes possible. When populations grow too large to be supported by a local environment, game management has to step in to relieve the pressure on the environment. For hunters, knowing the locations where deer populations require harvesting is very useful information. With a larger than normal game population struggling in a certain area, hunters are providing a service to the overall population by sitting in their tree stand and harvesting animals that need to be culled from the population.



In the world of computers, mobile devices, apps, and all things digital media there’s two stores that tower over the rest, iTunes and Google Play.  For many users the store they use is heavily dependent on what platform their device uses, iPhone owners turning to iTunes and Android lovers to Google Play.  Neither store, however, is designed exclusively for either device, but most people have no idea what the true differences are. According to the experts at M4VGear.com, here are some of the main differences between the two giant digital stores.

Google Play: More Apps, Less Revenue

One of the biggest and most interesting differences, though it has little effect on functionality for users, is market share.  Without a question, despite only owning 18 percent of the app universe, Apple pulls in 500 percent more money than Google Play. According to VentureBeat’s John Koetsier, this percentage translates roughly to $5.1 million in revenue every day in comparison to Google Play who only make $1.1 million even though 75 percent of app downloads are made here.  More developers send their apps to the iTunes store as well, knowing that Apple device users are highly integrated into the system and are already willing to pay money for the apps.  In fact, iOS users normally double the number of app downloads made by their Android counterparts.  With mobile devices spreading like wildfire around the globe, revenues are rising for both stores, but iTunes continues to outpace Google Play.  Both stores have imposed price caps on apps, $999 and $200, for iTunes and Google Play, respectively, but few apps are priced at these levels.  For now iTunes reigns supreme and Google Play is looking for new creative ways to bring in revenue, says AmigoBull’s Vikram Nagarkar.

Content & Quantity

Google Play and iTunes are both centered on selling digital media including music, movies, TV shows, and apps.  The iTunes store tends to specialize in audiobooks, podcasts, and music videos while Google Play offers things like ebooks, magazine subscriptions, web feeds and other server-generated topical feeds.  When it comes down to the numbers, however, iTunes outpaces Google Play here as well.  There’s simply more music, movies, and TV shows available on the iTunes store, though both have a comparable number of apps.

Indie Developers in iTunes & Google Play for Mobile Enterprises

For indie developers the store to go to is definitely iTunes. As MobileDevHQ’s Alex Klein says, in a given period of seven days, a majority of the apps in the top ten of iTunes charts are made by indie developers; some 65 percent, as opposed to Google Play with around 10 percent.  There’s no clear reason that iTunes tends to be more beneficial for indie developers.  Some of it might be related to the featured section the store has for high quality iOS independent game developers and many of the top apps are, in fact, games.  Google Play, in contrast, isn’t so much geared for indie developers as it is for mobile focused enterprises.  Top apps in the Google Play store normally come from public companies and they land there around 90 percent of the time.  Another interesting fact is that volatility is high in the iTunes top app charts, with apps consistently being shifted up, down, in, and out, thus giving plenty of indie apps their chance at fifteen minutes of fame.  Google Play, on the other hand, is highly stable, the same top apps shift minimally amongst themselves.


Congratulation, humans! You are all now connected. You have cell phones, tablets, and soon enough, watches, that will keep us thoroughly in touch with everything and everyone around us at all times. Cool! So, how do we use that to make things better? How do we use that to improve our businesses, communities, financial flows, and interpersonal relationships? The sky’s the limit, and you can pick and choose your methods as technology progresses until you are happy with the balance you’ve achieved. That said, take a moment to consider the very basics of community engagement as a business practice.

What Is Virtual Community Engagement?

Virtual community engagement, in this sense, is using social media or other public forums and post opportunities, to find the needs of people, and meet them. For example, Park View Legal specializes in improving individuals’ credit ratings. Their Twitter account is essentially a list of links for public consumption that points to valuable information about credit ratings. It’s advertisement in the form of public service, and when well done, great companies show themselves to be not just looking out for the own benefit, but for the benefit of the public at large. This goes a long way into getting the trust that’s required in competitive markets such as the legal industry.

How Can You Use It To Define Yourself?

One of the more creative and defining aspects of virtual community engagement is the fact that companies have total control over design and presentation. By creating websites, they are presenting themselves in a very specific way. Everything from color choice to font choice to making sites mobile friendly tells users very specific things about the company. If companies pay attention to that fact, they can define their purposes very narrowly to match the desires and needs of their chosen online demographic, and there are a lot of people in the world who will come across the web presence – so why not make it perfect? It’s very, very important in the definition stage, however, not to fake motivations. People are getting much more savvy checking sources and ensuring accurate background information on social media presentations, so be genuine if nothing else.

Individual Vs. Company Engagement

There’s also a difference in engagement when it comes from a business based on a person or based on a company. For instance, starting an individual Kickstarter campaign requires a certain type of social engagement to get people interested in a personal story. It would be a very different engagement required for an established business to start a crowdfunding campaign, for instance getting funding for a new video game. Because the virtual community reacts differently to different needs and different approaches, there are a number of factors that should be looked at very carefully before choosing the engagement techniques. It can very well be the difference between and successful project and one that fails!


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